November 2021

5 ways to get a song going and keep it fresh

Martin Child of Oxfordshire band The August List shares his five tips on how to keep those creative juices flowing These are some pretty good songwriting tips here all reflecting on the element of play and experimentation to get results. Worth a read 🙂 Source: 5 ways to get a song going and keep it […]

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How and Why to Keep a Listening Journal

A listening journal is a tool that will help transform your music listening habits into a source of knowledge and inspiration. Though you can use an actual journal for this purpose, single sheets of paper, a Word document, or a note-taking app on your phone or iPad will all work just fine. I am a […]

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Any Way Is The Best Way To Write A Song

My opinion has always been this: there is no particular best way to write a song. That’s true in all of the creative arts: there is no process that is necessarily better than any other process. Having said that, I will add this: the fragment that you initially create — whether that fragment is a […]

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