The Writing Better Songs Checklist

Here are some ways to judge whether you are writing “better” commercial songs. No one of these measures alone determines “writing better,” but putting all of them together gives you a pretty good sense of your progress:

There are 7 points in this “better songwriting checklist” and all of them ask pertinent questions about your songwriting process. Well worth a read.

Source: The Writing Better Songs Checklist – SongTown on Songwriting

Being Your Own Best Critic

If you’re like most songwriters out there, you’re probably dealing a lot with your “inner critic.” That term simply refers to your tendency to be your own toughest judge.

So how do you assess your songs without also feeling negative or defeated even before you’ve got your song written?

This is a very well written and straight to the point article on how your inner critic can become your best friend.

Source: Being Your Own Best Critic | The Essential Secrets of Songwriting

Melody Hacks For Lyricist Songwriters

I have been primarily a lyricist for almost 25 years. To survive that long in the music business, I have had to stretch my boundaries to come up with ways to evolve my lyric writing along with changing music landscapes.

Over those years, I’ve developed what I like to think of as melody hacks for lyricist songwriters.

Along the way, I’ve picked up some tricks that help me stay current and relevant in whatever genre I’m writing.

Even if you are an accomplished melody writer AND lyricist, I think you may find these tips and tricks helpful in your songwriting.

Source: Melody Hacks For Lyricist Songwriters – SongTown

The Genius Of Paul McCartney’s Bass Lines

Paul McCartney’s development as a bass player provides a textbook case for today’s songwriters and music producers on how a little creativity can go a long way to help make a recording stand out.

Through the Beatles’ evolution, McCartney’s bass lines became an integral part of each song’s texture, sound, and colour.

If you ever wanted to teach yourself how to play bass, my suggestion is that you learn everything that Paul McCartney did (in sequential album order).

This article beautifully demonstrates the sublime bass player that McCartney continues to be.

Source: The Genius Of Paul McCartney’s Basslines | Disc Makers Blog

Why We Listen To Music With Lyrics We Don’t Understand

From French electronic and Japanese indie to K-pop and Spanish jazz, it’s common for people to listen to songs they don’t necessarily understand. Not knowing the language of the lyrics, it seems, doesn’t stop people from liking—and sometimes even singing along to—a song.

Source: Why We Listen To Music With Lyrics We Don’t Understand

This is a fantastic article demonstrating the power of music and how the meaning of a song can transcend the lyrical content.

The article talks about “Sound Symbolism” and the way that music communicates emotions without words.

Conveying emotions through music is the ultimate way of “showing, not telling” your story.