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Quantity Over Quality: Why Being Prolific is the Key to Writing Great Songs – Speed Songwriting

Writing more songs makes you a better songwriter, period. Here’s why embracing a prolific approach to songwriting can significantly enhance your craft. The article by Graham English on Speed Songwriting emphasizes that writing more songs can significantly improve songwriting skills. The key points include: Thought-Provoking Questions: Source: Quantity Over Quality: Why Being Prolific is the […]


Song Hooks: What Are They and How Do You Create Your Own?

Writing a catchy hook is closer to an art than a science. Sure, there are some guiding principles that popular artists use to grab their listener’s attention and create memorable songs. But as you drill down and study artists across a wide range of genres, you’ll find that each group follows its own conventions. The […]

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How to Write a Song: 10 Tips to Boost Your Creativity

Writing a song is a journey that combines creativity, emotion, and technical skill. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced songwriter, these ten tips from Ditto Music can help spark your creativity and guide you through the process. The main points of the article are as follows… Successful songwriting is a blend of structured techniques […]

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The Craft of Songwriting: Finding Your Starting Point

Songwriting is an art form, a way of living life and a personal journey into the heart of expression through music. Every songwriter, whether novice or seasoned, finds themselves standing before a blank canvas, ready to channel thoughts, emotions, and stories into melodies and lyrics. But… how does one start writing a song? How does […]


Top 6 Tips for Setting up a Home Recording Studio on a Budget

The recording industry has seen a dramatic transformation over the years. In the past, owning a high-quality recording studio was indeed essential for producing top-tier recordings. The blog article titled “Top 6 Tips for Setting up a Home Recording Studio on a Budget” by Scott Ashley offers valuable advice for aspiring musicians looking to create […]


The 10 Ways To Market Your Back Catalogue

Most musicians move on too soon. They put all their creative focus on the next release. Or they only promote their latest work, neglecting all the songs that came before. This blog post emphasizes the importance of marketing an artist’s back catalogue of music, highlighting that older music should not be neglected even as new […]


Everything You Need To Know About Split Sheets – Symphonic Blog

Odds are you don’t write every song completely on your own. You’ve got co-writers, producers, and other creatives who have contributed to the creation of your finished song. The blog article from Symphonic titled “Everything You Need To Know About Split Sheets” discusses the importance and specifics of using split sheets in the music industry. […]

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5 Practical Tips For Beginner Songwriters To Embrace – How To Write Songs

Over the years, a common question we’ve been asked by budding songwriters is “What are some of your top tips for beginners?”. In this article, we aim to answer that question with 5 practical, and actionable tips that we wish we knew when we started out. The article titled “5 Practical Tips For Beginner Songwriters […]


5 Tips to Make Time for Your Music | The Weekly

We all have responsibilities and demands on our time and energy. To avoid getting derailed from my goal, I need to prioritize and be clear that I am choosing the order of tasks on my to-do list, as opposed to simply attending to the next thing that pops up. The article addresses the common challenge […]


Make Music for Yourself for a Change

Feeling lost in the hustle? Remember to make music just for yourself once in a while. The article “Make Music for Yourself for a Change” from Flypaper, authored by Ian Temple, delves into the importance of musicians creating music for their own personal fulfilment rather than solely for public acclaim or commercial success. It stresses […]