15 Tips To Get Great (Song) Writing Ideas

This is a great article essentially outlining 15 tips to get great (song) writing ideas derived from Zen philosophy.

I really do believe that a lot of Zen and Buddhist philosophy in general can be used to define and  develop your songwriting process. This article proves that.

It also mentions the fundamental battle that we all have with our creative and analytical sides of our personality as described below…

As writers, we suffer from a split personality. On one side is the Creator who wants to splash wild ideas all over the page and falls in love with every sentence, and on the other side is the Editor who sits there with pursed lips and ticks off the mistakes. It’s really important to keep these two apart!

When you’re finding and developing an idea, send the Editor on holiday. When you want to refine what you have written, stuff the Creator into a cage.

Source: Topics to Write About — 15 Tips to Get Great Writing Ideas