8 Ways to Turn a Cover Version Into Something Original – Flypaper

So while a lot of artists choose to play songs exactly like the original versions, I personally think this is a missed opportunity to do something truly special — a hybrid concoction of two creative voices melding together. The article provides a comprehensive guide on how to transform a cover song into an original piece, […]

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Capturing Your Listeners Attention: The Importance Of A Strong Song Introduction

With endless choices at their fingertips, listeners have developed shorter attention spans, making the initial moments of a song crucial for its success. A compelling start can be the difference between a song that gets skipped and one that becomes a listener’s favorite.


Top 6 Tips for Setting up a Home Recording Studio on a Budget

The recording industry has seen a dramatic transformation over the years. In the past, owning a high-quality recording studio was indeed essential for producing top-tier recordings. The blog article titled “Top 6 Tips for Setting up a Home Recording Studio on a Budget” by Scott Ashley offers valuable advice for aspiring musicians looking to create […]


Make Music for Yourself for a Change

Feeling lost in the hustle? Remember to make music just for yourself once in a while. The article “Make Music for Yourself for a Change” from Flypaper, authored by Ian Temple, delves into the importance of musicians creating music for their own personal fulfilment rather than solely for public acclaim or commercial success. It stresses […]

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Finding Time To Write Songs Even When Life Gets In The Way

John Lennon said it best when he sang… “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans” Therefore in life, where the melodies of family and work often dominate, finding a quiet moment to compose our own music can seem like a distant dream. For the passionate songwriter, these moments are not […]


How to Write More Instinctually According To Andrea Stolpe

I believe that every problem we feel occurring within our songs can be attributed to three principles of songwriting. Just three. When we use these principles, we can identify possible solutions for these problems based on their underlying principal. Let me explain. In the insightful article “How to Write More Instinctually” by Andrea Stolpe, readers […]


3 Principles of Songwriting — Andrea Stolpe

Lately I’ve been binge-watching songwriting videos on YouTube. With so many time-tested tools, tips, and expert advice, our best songs should be one chord-tone away. In the article “3 Principles of Songwriting” by Andrea Stolpe, the author shares her insights and reflections on the craft of songwriting, drawing from her extensive experience as a writer […]


Why You Should Make More Short Songs

Since the 1990s, the average song length has been going down, settling at about 3:15 today, according to The Washington Post. And it may continue to decrease because “social media is nudging song lengths downward.” In the insightful article titled “Why You Should Make More Short Songs” by Caleb J. Murphy, published on February 19, […]

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Songwriting Glossary – Song Chops

A songwriter glossary of common terms you’ll be using as you learn how to write songs can be extremely helpful. And, knowing what specific songwriting terms mean will help you grow as you get feedback on your songs. The article from SongChops serves as a comprehensive glossary for songwriters, detailing common terms used in songwriting. […]


Don’t Think Genre, Think Personality — Andrea Stolpe

I remember a simpler time, when it was easy to identify the genre of the song streaming through my iPod. When a friend said they liked pop, I knew that meant Madonna and Michael Jackson. Classic rock meant Steve Miller Band or the Cars. In my small world, taste was polarized and listeners less likely […]