How to Find Music Inspiration for Your Next Song

If you’re lucky, musical inspiration strikes at the perfect time, and the next thing you know, you’ve written your next great song. Sometimes, though, the act of creating music takes a lot more work. In the article “How to Find Music Inspiration for Your Next Song” by Philip Kinsher on the Disc Makers Blog, readers […]


How to Write Songs When you Don’t Feel Inspired | The Essential Secrets of Songwriting

The whole notion of songwriting without being inspired to write — it begs the question, “Why”? Why write if you’re not particularly inspired to do so? The article from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” titled “How to Write Songs When you Don’t Feel Inspired” delves into the challenging scenario of songwriting without the spark of […]


5 Ways To Help You Find Musical Inspiration – Indie Band Guru

For most musicians and songwriters, writing music is a way of putting thoughts and feelings into words and into a tune. Any musician can attest that having musical inspiration is an exciting way of discovering something new and fresh. The article from Indie Band Guru provides insightful strategies for musicians and songwriters seeking fresh musical […]


Song Ideas: 11 Ways to Find Fresh Inspiration

Song ideas are all around you. You can train yourself to notice these gems, capture them into a notebook, and kindle the promising ones into new songs. The article from Lyric Workroom, titled “Song Ideas: 11 Ways to Find Fresh Inspiration,” offers a treasure trove of strategies for songwriters seeking a spark of creativity. Here’s […]

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10 Places To Find Inspiration For Songwriting

Finding that spark that starts off your songwriting process can be pretty difficult at times so when I came across an article called 10 Places To Find Inspiration For Songwriting, I was really intrigued to see what it had to say. On finding songwriting inspiration the article states that… “Songwriting can be a somewhat tricky venture. […]