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For most musicians and songwriters, writing music is a way of putting thoughts and feelings into words and into a tune. Any musician can attest that having musical inspiration is an exciting way of discovering something new and fresh.

The article from Indie Band Guru provides insightful strategies for musicians and songwriters seeking fresh musical inspiration. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Learn More Music: Broadening your musical knowledge and exploring different genres can spark new ideas. Understanding new music theories and observing other artists perform can offer fresh perspectives and inspiration.
  2. Remix or Return to Your Old Material: Revisiting unfinished or old works can lead to new insights. Altering instrumentation, tempo, or experimenting with different rhythms and keys on previous material can result in innovative creations.
  3. Travel Out of Your Usual Environment: Changing your surroundings can stimulate creativity. It doesn’t require extravagant trips; even exploring new local areas or nature retreats can provide a fresh outlook and inspire new thoughts.
  4. Enjoy Other Forms of Art: Engaging with various art forms can fuel creativity. Visiting museums or art galleries can expose you to new ideas and emotional experiences, translating into musical inspiration.
  5. Take a Walk or Jog: Physical activities like walking or jogging can clear your mind and help focus your thoughts. A relaxed mind is more receptive to the environment, potentially sparking creative musical ideas.

The article emphasizes that while routines are beneficial, they can sometimes lead to a creative rut. Therefore, it’s crucial to find ways to break the pattern and invite new inspirations to rejuvenate your musical creativity.

Source: 5 Ways To Help You Find Musical Inspiration – Indie Band Guru

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