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6 Tips for Beating the Blank Page – Copyblogger

I started jotting down aspects of Roald Dahl’s writing process. It proved to be truly inspirational, and I discovered a few elements of his process that are as important for digital writers and publishers today as they were for him when he was writing his books more than 50 years ago.

Drawing inspiration from Roald Dahl‘s legendary approach to writing, songwriters can find a treasure trove of wisdom in these six tips, reshaping their creative process and overcoming the challenge of the blank page:

  1. Capture Every Melody and Lyric: Just as Dahl never strayed far from his notebook, songwriters should keep their own repository of ideas. Whether it’s a snippet of a melody, a compelling lyric, or a unique chord progression, capturing these fleeting moments of inspiration is crucial. Tools like voice memos or digital notebooks can serve as modern-day equivalents, ensuring that no creative spark is lost.
  2. Craft Your Creative Space: Dahl’s writing shed was his sanctuary, a space where his stories came to life. Similarly, songwriters should carve out their own creative havens, be it a home studio or a favourite corner with their instrument. This dedicated space is not just about physical comfort but about creating an environment that resonates with your artistic spirit, allowing creativity to flow freely.
  3. Establish a Songwriting Routine: Emulating Dahl’s disciplined schedule, songwriters can benefit from a structured approach to their craft. Whether it’s setting aside specific hours for writing or dedicating certain days to composition, a routine can help in nurturing consistency, refining skills, and keeping the creative juices flowing.
  4. Select Your Tools with Care: Dahl’s choice of yellow legal pads and Ticonderoga HB pencils was a testament to the importance of having the right tools. For songwriters, this might mean choosing the right instrument, software, or recording equipment that aligns with their style and facilitates the creative process, allowing them to capture and refine their musical ideas effectively.
  5. Refine and Perfect Your Songs: Dahl’s meticulous editing process highlights the importance of revisiting and refining creative work. For songwriters, this could involve reworking a melody, tweaking lyrics, or experimenting with different arrangements to ensure that the song not only resonates with the intended emotion but also strikes a chord with the audience.
  6. Commit to Your Craft: Above all, Dahl’s success was rooted in his unwavering commitment to his work. For songwriters, the message is clear: while inspiration is the spark, it’s the dedication to crafting, revising, and sharing your music that transforms a simple tune into a timeless masterpiece.

Embracing these insights from Dahl’s approach can guide songwriters in their journey, turning the daunting blank page into a canvas of endless musical possibilities.

Source: 6 Tips for Beating the Blank Page – Copyblogger

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