June 2024

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Harnessing The Inner Critic: A Songwriter’s Guide

The inner critic is an inevitable part of the human psyche. Often, it’s seen as a hindrance, a voice that fosters doubt and insecurity. However, in the songwriting process, this inner critic can be transformed into a powerful tool for growth and creativity. Here’s how you can turn that critical voice into an ally. 1. […]

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Where Do Songwriting Ideas Come From?

Songwriting ideas can come from a vast array of sources, often sparked by a moment of inspiration or a deeper exploration of personal experiences. Here are some key places where songwriting ideas commonly originate: 1. Personal Experiences 2. Other Art Forms 3. Nature 4. Relationships and Connections 5. Dreams and Imagination 6. Music and Other […]


What is Music Publishing & How Does It Work?

It’s particularly easy for artists to be taken advantage of if they don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to music publishing, so be sure to take the time to educate yourself and get the most from your music. The article from Disc Makers provides a comprehensive guide to music publishing, explaining its role […]

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12 Ways To Create And Maintain The Flow Of Songwriting Inspiration.

Keeping the flow of inspiration going as a songwriter can be a challenge, but there are several strategies you can employ to keep your creative juices flowing for as long as possible. Here are some tips that might help: 1. Routine and Discipline Establishing a routine can create a conducive environment for creativity. Set aside […]

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To Plan Or Not To Plan (Your Song). That Is The Question

When it comes to songwriting, whether you should plan the story of your song before you write it or not plan and make it up as you go along largely depends on your personal style and creative process. Each approach has its own advantages and can lead to compelling results. Let’s explore both methods: Planning […]

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What Is Flow for Writers and How Can You Find It? – DAILY WRITING TIPS

Imagine sitting down to write, and suddenly everything clicks. The words just effortlessly spill from your fingertips onto the page. Time flies, and you’re completely immersed in your work. This amazing, coveted, magical state is known as ‘flow.’ This article was specifically written with authors in mind however, we songwriters can certainly take a leaf […]

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How To Get The Best Out Of A Songwriting Prompt

Songwriting prompts are powerful tools that can spark creativity, break through writer’s block, and lead to the creation of memorable songs. Whether you’re an experienced songwriter or just starting out, using prompts can help you explore new ideas and push the boundaries of your lyrical abilities.  This article will guide you through twelve steps to […]

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Quantity Over Quality: Why Being Prolific is the Key to Writing Great Songs – Speed Songwriting

Writing more songs makes you a better songwriter, period. Here’s why embracing a prolific approach to songwriting can significantly enhance your craft. The article by Graham English on Speed Songwriting emphasizes that writing more songs can significantly improve songwriting skills. The key points include: Thought-Provoking Questions: Source: Quantity Over Quality: Why Being Prolific is the […]