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Quantity Over Quality: Why Being Prolific is the Key to Writing Great Songs – Speed Songwriting

Writing more songs makes you a better songwriter, period. Here’s why embracing a prolific approach to songwriting can significantly enhance your craft.

The article by Graham English on Speed Songwriting emphasizes that writing more songs can significantly improve songwriting skills. The key points include:

  1. Practice Makes Perfect: Writing numerous songs allows for constant practice, experimentation, and development of a unique style. Each new song provides an opportunity to learn and improve.
  2. Overcoming Creative Blocks: Frequent songwriting helps to push past self-doubt and creative blocks, fostering continuous creativity and momentum.
  3. Increasing Odds of Success: By writing more, songwriters increase their chances of creating successful songs. Even unsuccessful attempts contribute to learning and improvement.
  4. Learning from Mistakes: A larger volume of work allows for making and learning from mistakes, essential for growth.
  5. Building a Diverse Portfolio: Prolific songwriting leads to a diverse collection of songs, demonstrating versatility and opening more opportunities for collaborations and placements.
  6. Staying Relevant: Consistent output helps songwriters stay relevant in a rapidly changing industry by adapting to current trends.
  7. Building Discipline and Work Ethic: Regular songwriting fosters discipline and professionalism, crucial for long-term success.

Thought-Provoking Questions:

  1. How can a songwriter balance the need for prolific output with maintaining a high standard of quality in their work?
  2. What strategies can songwriters use to keep their creative process fresh and avoid burnout while writing frequently?
  3. How can collaboration with other songwriters enhance the benefits of a prolific songwriting approach?

Source: Quantity Over Quality: Why Being Prolific is the Key to Writing Great Songs – Speed Songwriting

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