How to Write Songs When you Don’t Feel Inspired | The Essential Secrets of Songwriting

The whole notion of songwriting without being inspired to write — it begs the question, “Why”? Why write if you’re not particularly inspired to do so?

The article from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” titled “How to Write Songs When you Don’t Feel Inspired” delves into the challenging scenario of songwriting without the spark of inspiration.

It addresses the common question of why one should write music when not feeling particularly inspired, highlighting situations like looming deadlines for recording, songwriting circles, workshops, or projects requiring musical contributions.

The piece emphasizes that waiting for inspiration is not always practical, quoting Leonard Bernstein’s perspective on the necessity for writers to develop a consistent approach to songwriting beyond moments of inspiration.

The article suggests that good songwriting stems from a conglomeration of good habits and a sensible process. It outlines four key daily practices for songwriters: making songwriting a regular activity, listening to a wide range of songs, recording snippets of their own songs for objective reflection, and setting themselves songwriting challenges to spur creativity.

These practices are aimed at generating a kind of musical excitement that can serve as its own source of inspiration, fostering an “internally-sourced inspiration” that is deemed more powerful and effective for sustained songwriting success.

This approach to songwriting, as presented, is about building a disciplined, habit-driven foundation that enables creativity to flourish even in the absence of immediate inspiration.

It’s a call to action for songwriters to engage with their craft systematically, ensuring that they can continue to produce work regardless of their initial emotional or inspirational state.

Source: How to Write Songs When you Don’t Feel Inspired | The Essential Secrets of Songwriting

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