Don’t Think Genre, Think Personality — Andrea Stolpe

I remember a simpler time, when it was easy to identify the genre of the song streaming through my iPod. When a friend said they liked pop, I knew that meant Madonna and Michael Jackson. Classic rock meant Steve Miller Band or the Cars.

In my small world, taste was polarized and listeners less likely to wander outside their listening genre to include other kinds of music. Jazzers were deep into jazz, classical was classical, singer-songwriter was pop and there was no such thing as EDM.

The article “Don’t Think Genre, Think Personality” by Andrea Stolpe delves into the evolving landscape of music genres and the importance of personal uniqueness in an artist’s work. Stolpe reminisces about a time when music genres were more distinct and listeners were less likely to explore outside their preferred genres. However, with the advent of internet sharing and technology, musical styles have become increasingly fused and nuanced, leading to a diverse and detailed musical landscape.

Stolpe discusses the challenges and opportunities this presents for artists in finding their unique sound and place in the music world. She shares insights from Michael Kaminsky, founder of KMGMT management, who emphasizes the importance of artists having a unique sound rather than imitating existing successful styles. Kaminsky suggests that an artist’s music should be an honest extension of their personality, which will naturally bring consistency to their work.

The article highlights that while music genres can guide an artist’s audience and playlist placement, it’s the artist’s personality that truly connects with listeners. Stolpe argues that genres are less about identity and more about the personality traits shared between different styles. She encourages artists to embrace their uniqueness, allowing their personal traits to shine through their music, thus filling a niche that other artists cannot.

Stolpe advises artists to be patient and persistent, focusing on slow and healthy growth rather than rapid success. She suggests letting listeners into the artist’s story and background for a deeper connection, being resilient in the face of feedback, and building a supportive team. The key, according to Stolpe, is for artists to have a clear vision and intention for their music, which will guide their journey in the music industry.

In summary, the article advocates for artists to focus less on fitting into a specific genre and more on expressing their unique personality through their music. This approach not only helps in creating a distinct sound but also in forming a deeper connection with the audience.

Source: Don’t Think Genre, Think Personality — Andrea Stolpe

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