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Odds are you don’t write every song completely on your own. You’ve got co-writers, producers, and other creatives who have contributed to the creation of your finished song.

The blog article from Symphonic titled “Everything You Need To Know About Split Sheets” discusses the importance and specifics of using split sheets in the music industry. Split sheets are essentially agreements that outline the ownership percentages of a song among its contributors, such as songwriters, producers, and lyricists.

The article emphasizes the need for clarity in defining each party’s contribution to avoid future disputes and ensure fair distribution of royalties.

Key points covered in the article include:

  1. Definition and Importance of Split Sheets: Split sheets serve as legal documentation to specify who owns what percentage of a song. This is crucial for ensuring all contributors are fairly compensated and to prevent legal disputes.
  2. Details Required on a Split Sheet: Essential information on a split sheet includes song title, names and contact information of all contributors, ownership percentages, and signatures. It might also include terms about royalties, licensing, and amendments.
  3. Professionalism in Music Collaboration: The article advises discussing split sheets before entering the studio to maintain professionalism and avoid conflicts over financial matters. This ensures everyone understands the business aspect and respects the process.
  4. Resource for Free Split Sheets: Songtrust offers a free split sheet template, which can be beneficial for musicians looking to implement this practice in their collaborations.

The blog also links to additional resources related to music theft, online security for musicians, and guides on leased beats and royalty-free samples, further supporting artists in protecting and managing their work.

Source: Everything You Need To Know About Split Sheets – Symphonic Blog

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