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How to Write Songs Faster: 7 Tips for Better Writing

To help cut down on the time it takes to finish a song, here are 7 quick tips you can use to speed up your writing process.

In the realm of songwriting, the journey from conception to completion can often feel like navigating through a maze of creativity and frustration. Drew Swisher, in his insightful article on titled “How to Write Songs Faster: 7 Tips for Better Writing,” sheds light on strategies to streamline the songwriting process. Swisher’s narrative is not just about hastening the act of writing but enriching the quality of the songs produced. Here’s a distilled essence of his wisdom:

1. Don’t Wait for Inspiration to Strike

Swisher emphasizes the importance of regular writing over waiting for inspiration. Like honing a musical instrument, creativity flourishes with practice. Encouraging songwriters to write often, he suggests that this habit is akin to muscle memory, making the creative process more fluid and spontaneous.

2. Write to a Prompt

Utilizing prompts, especially single-word ones, can spark creativity by forcing the brain to forge connections and explore new territories. This practice not only enhances creative thinking but also uncovers hidden thoughts and memories, enriching the songwriting palette.

3. Finish the Song, Even If It’s Bad

The completion of a song, irrespective of its perceived quality, is crucial. Swisher points out that prolific songwriters like The Beatles, Prince, and Sia have mastered the art of rapid songwriting by focusing on completion over perfection. This approach helps in overcoming perfectionism and accelerates the songwriting process.

4. Write the Skeleton First

Swisher advises songwriters to lay down the basic structure of a song before diving into the details. By focusing on the chords, rhythm, and melody initially, songwriters can avoid getting bogged down by the intricacies of production, making the process more efficient.

5. Use Tried and True Chord Progressions

Familiar chord progressions can serve as a solid foundation for songwriting. Swisher recommends studying popular progressions and jazz standards to expand one’s musical vocabulary and speed up the songwriting process.

6. Write Using Small Templates

In the digital age, templates can be a boon for songwriters working with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). Swisher suggests starting with minimal templates to avoid overwhelm and focus on the essentials of the song.

7. Write for a Predetermined Amount of Time

Setting a specific timeframe for writing can enhance productivity. This method encourages songwriters to work smarter, not harder, by imposing a structure that fosters creativity within constraints.

Swisher’s article is a treasure trove for songwriters at any stage of their journey, offering practical advice to not only write songs faster but to do so with a depth and quality that resonates. Whether you’re battling writer’s block or seeking to refine your songwriting craft, these seven tips serve as guiding lights in the pursuit of musical expression.

Source: How to Write Songs Faster: 7 Tips for Better Writing

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