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Songwriting Glossary – Song Chops

A songwriter glossary of common terms you’ll be using as you learn how to write songs can be extremely helpful. And, knowing what specific songwriting terms mean will help you grow as you get feedback on your songs.

The article from SongChops serves as a comprehensive glossary for songwriters, detailing common terms used in songwriting.

It covers a wide range of topics essential for crafting songs, including figurative language and literary devices like allusion, repetition, imagery, metaphor, personification, simile, and symbolism.

It also delves into the technical aspects of song composition, such as meter and feet/measures, explaining terms like amphibrach, anapestic foot, dactylic foot, and more.

The glossary extends to song structure elements, including the bridge, chorus, hook, channel or pre-chorus, and verse, providing insights into their roles and importance in songwriting.

Additionally, it touches on the significance of point of view in songwriting, discussing first person, second person, and omniscient perspectives. Rhyme and prosody are also explored, with explanations of alliteration, assonance, couplet, enjambment, and other related terms.

This resource is invaluable for songwriters at any level, aiming to enhance their understanding and application of these critical songwriting components.

Source: Songwriting Glossary – Song Chops

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