9 Things Skilled Songwriters Do Differently

Why, then, do some songwriters seem to have an over abundance of fans buying their music while others struggle to sell the first song? Why do recording artists record every song writer X writes, but writer Y can’t get arrested?

The answer is…there is not a huge difference in skills between writers who get either 95% of the way or 100%, but there is a little. And, that extra 5% makes a BIG difference.

I often ask myself the same question and have the belief that it’s the little extra things that you do that make all the difference. This article outlines the activities that make up the extra 5%.

It really is the difference between a good and a great songwriter.

Source: 9 Things Skilled Songwriters Do Differently – Songtown

Any Way Is The Best Way To Write A Song

My opinion has always been this: there is no particular best way to write a song. That’s true in all of the creative arts: there is no process that is necessarily better than any other process.

Having said that, I will add this: the fragment that you initially create — whether that fragment is a chorus hook, a line of catchy lyric, an enticing bit of melody — will tend to get more attention from you than all the other bits you write.

There are many roads that lead to a finished song and there are as many variations of the songwriting process as there are songwriters in the world.

Any way is the best way to write a song…

Source: The Best Way | The Essential Secrets of Songwriting

All About Songwriting – What’s It All About?

My name is Corey Stewart and I’m a singer, songwriter, musician and blogger from Australia and for me, songwriting is a craft, an art-form, a process, an emotional outlet and (most importantly) a way of life.

All About Songwriting was created to help all songwriters at any level, expand on what songwriting knowledge they already have or to perhaps help beginning songwriters start off their songwriting journey in the right direction.

This is my attempt to document all of the aspects of songwriting, musicianship and the creative process in general that I have either directly experienced myself or, what I’ve discovered on the internet along the way through hand picked articles and other sources of information.

For me, I want this blog is to constantly remind me of why I write songs in the first place.

It is a well known fact that great songs are the backbone of the music industry. I mean without them there would be no music industry to speak of… RIGHT?

That is how important the role of the songwriter is in the whole scheme of things.

I feel it’s really important that songwriters have the best information at their fingertips as this will enable them to be the best songwriters that they can be.

Over the coming months you’ll see this site grow and evolve and over time it is my goal to have All About Songwriting become one of the most trusted sources of songwriting information on the web.

This site can only develop in the long term with direct input from its readers, so if in the future, there are any questions that you may have about songwriting, musicianship or the creative process in general, just let me know and I will do my very best to answer them.

I wish you all well on your respective songwriting journeys, no matter where it takes you.

Let’s take this first step together… NOW!