Make Music for Yourself for a Change

Feeling lost in the hustle? Remember to make music just for yourself once in a while.

The article “Make Music for Yourself for a Change” from Flypaper, authored by Ian Temple, delves into the importance of musicians creating music for their own personal fulfilment rather than solely for public acclaim or commercial success.

It stresses the intrinsic value of music as a means of personal growth and exploration, using the Renaissance period as a historical backdrop to illustrate how art has been a mode of capturing human essence and exploring creativity.

Renaissance figures like Donatello and Michelangelo are highlighted for viewing their work as a deep introspective effort, which led to innovations in art forms and techniques.

The author encourages musicians to make music that is personally fulfilling, suggesting that this process can lead to unexpected discoveries and learning opportunities.

The essence of making art, according to Temple, is in its ability to enrich the individual’s life, inviting musicians to indulge in creativity for the sake of curiosity and joy, rather than focusing on the outcomes or public reception.

This perspective is meant to inspire readers to appreciate the inherent value of artistic expression and to remind them of the joy and exploration found in making music purely for oneself.

Source: Make Music for Yourself for a Change – Flypaper

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