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A lot of productions these days are forgoing hiring a composer and relying instead on finding music for their projects using what’s known as a production music library.

Here is a detailed summary of the article “Tip Jar: Getting Started With Production Music Libraries” from Music Connection Magazine:

Production music libraries are databases of pre-written music, organized by mood, instrument, tempo, etc., searchable via metadata tags. They provide an alternative to hiring composers, offering a cost-effective and convenient solution for sourcing music for various productions, including reality TV, commercials, and corporate videos. The use of production music has grown significantly, driven by shifts towards reality-style shows and the rise of internet streaming.

The article advises on how to get started in the production music industry. It mentions the presence of large libraries containing extensive collections of music and the competitive landscape, with major labels like Universal Music Group and Warner Chappell Music dominating the scene. However, there are opportunities for new composers to submit their work, provided they have a substantial portfolio and their tracks meet professional standards.

Key tips for success in the production music library market include ensuring tracks are broadcast-ready, keeping them under three minutes, structuring them in an ABA format, adding edit points, creating shorter versions for commercials, making stems for each instrument group, learning library naming protocols, and embedding metadata for searchability.

The article emphasizes the importance of composing music that evokes a mood or feeling, highlighting the creative freedom and potential frustration of not having specific guidance. Composers are encouraged to write music that genuinely reflects their emotions, which in turn increases the likelihood of their work being used in productions.

Source: Tip Jar: Getting Started With Production Music Libraries – Music Connection Magazine

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