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The BIG List Of Songwriting Prompts, Lyric Generators And AI Tools

One of the major barriers in songwriting is coming up with the initial songwriting idea or a coherent song concept at the very beginning of the songwriting process.

Sometimes a song can come from thin air and basically write itself and sometimes a songwriting session can be more painful than passing kidney stones. It all depends on whether you’re attuned to the muse or not.

To really get their creative juices flowing there are some songwriters (like myself) who participate in online songwriting challenges like FAWM5090 or RPM because there’s nothing like a deadline to make things a bit interesting.

These songwriting challenges are a great way to put your creative knowledge to the test, turning everything that you see, hear and experience into an idea and then crafting those ideas into a completed song.

I’ve got to say though, there have been times where I needed a little bit more help in getting my songwriting process underway and when this happens, I am comforted by the fact that there are free online songwriting tools to the rescue.

As a songwriter who comes up with musical ideas much more easily than lyrical ones, I personally use these online random word generators and songwriting prompts whenever I find myself in a situation where I’m fresh out of songwriting ideas.

I know from personal experience that from time to time a prompt such as a good song title or a few well chosen lines overheard in a conversation can be all that’s needed to open the floodgates of inspiration.

I mean, there are even songwriting tools out there that are using Artificial Intelligence to power their results. It’s this area of songwriting and music creation that I have been most fascinated with of late.

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d do some online research into these types of songwriting tools for you all.

Some are fairly serious and some are more humorous but if you have a look at them and give the ones you feel will work for you a go, you’ll find some real value in these sites so here is the BIG List Of Songwriting Prompts And Lyric Generators for you to enjoy and be inspired by…





You’ll notice that some of these tools are a bit tongue in cheek but there are also some songwriting tools that are seriously good.

Either way, by using these songwriting tools it’s my hope that you’ll take your creativity to places you’ve never imagined as much as I have by using them.

I’d be interested to hear how you go with any of these. If you come across any other songwriting tools that you feel will help anyone with their songwriting process, feel free to let me know about it and I’ll add it to this list.

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