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We all have responsibilities and demands on our time and energy. To avoid getting derailed from my goal, I need to prioritize and be clear that I am choosing the order of tasks on my to-do list, as opposed to simply attending to the next thing that pops up.

The article addresses the common challenge many aspiring musicians face—finding time for music amidst life’s demands. It begins with a scenario where an aspiring artist, who is also a working mom, expresses her struggle to find time for her music career.

The author, Jason Blume, acknowledges that time is a limited resource and stresses the importance of prioritizing tasks to align with one’s goals.

To help musicians manage their time effectively, the article offers five practical tips:

  1. Designate Days When You Will Wake Up an Hour Early: The author found early mornings to be productive, free from distractions and interruptions.
  2. Refresh and Reset in the Evening: For those who aren’t morning people, resetting after a long day can help rejuvenate. Blume suggests a short nap and a cool shower as ways to regain energy for creative work in the evening.
  3. Go Someplace Specifically to Write: Changing the environment can boost focus and creativity. The author mentions J.K. Rowling’s use of Edinburgh’s cafés as an example of a conducive writing space.
  4. Set an Appointment: Scheduling specific times for music-related activities and treating these as fixed appointments can enhance focus and accountability.
  5. Allot One Hour: Even short periods, such as one hour, can be highly productive. Blume cites examples of hit songs written in under an hour to illustrate what can be achieved in a limited time.

The article underscores the necessity of making a plan, committing to it, and remaining accountable. Despite the constraints of daily responsibilities, the author encourages musicians to honour their creative gifts and pursue their passion for music.

Source: 5 Tips to Make Time for Your Music | The Weekly | BMI.com

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