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The article “Top Songwriting Tips from 2023” from BMI.com, authored by Jason Blume, offers valuable insights and advice for songwriters. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Write Songs with a Market in Mind: Blume emphasizes the importance of writing songs that have a potential outlet. He advises studying and emulating the structures, melodies, chord changes, and production styles of chart-topping songs to increase the chances of getting songs recorded.
  2. Get Feedback Before Recording: Before investing in a demo, it’s crucial to get professional feedback. A great demo needs to be paired with a great song to stand out in the competitive industry.
  3. Produce High-Quality Demos: Demos should clearly demonstrate the potential of the song. For songs reliant on a groove, a more fully produced demo is necessary.
  4. Have a Marketing Plan: Before recording, formulate a plan for promoting the music. This includes touring, media promotion, and social media strategies.
  5. Seek the Right Collaborators: Collaborating with the right people, including artists, producers, or writers connected to successful publishers, can significantly impact a song’s success.
  6. Create Hybrid Genres: Blume suggests combining elements of multiple existing styles to create something fresh and new.
  7. Inspire Creativity: He shares various methods to stimulate creativity, such as attending live performances, changing the writing mode, and taking breaks.
  8. Avoid Common Mistakes: The article advises against playing it safe and encourages songwriters to critically assess their work for unique and compelling elements.
  9. Persistence is Key: Persistence in songwriting and revising one’s approach is essential for success.
  10. Getting Music on Playlists: Blume demystifies the process of getting music on playlists, emphasizing the importance of playlist inclusion for exposure.
  11. Balance Quality and Quantity in Songwriting: The article discusses the balance between writing a large number of songs and focusing on crafting fewer, high-quality songs.

These tips are aimed at helping songwriters refine their craft, understand the business side of songwriting, and increase their chances of success in the industry.

Source: Top Songwriting Tips from 2023 | The Weekly | BMI.com

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