Writing Tools for Lyric-Leaning Artists and Songwriters — Andrea Stolpe

Below are what I believe are some of the most essential songwriting practices to thrive within ‘lyric-forward’ song styles. If it’s helpful, consider building your own daily or weekly routine off these practices.

Andrea Stolpe’s article delves into the nuances of songwriting, particularly focusing on the ‘lyric-forward’ style. She emphasizes that understanding one’s sound and audience is less about genre differences and more about the unique personality expressed in the music.

Stolpe outlines essential songwriting tools and practices for artists who prioritize lyrics, encouraging them to focus on tools that enhance expression and emotional impact.

Key practices include:

  1. Harmonic Rhythm: Building a vocabulary of grooves and harmonic rhythms, learning the Nashville number system, and studying chord progressions to understand the rhythm of moving between chords.
  2. Lyric Writing: Creating a title bank and outlines, practicing writing with imagery and conversational tone, and crafting lean lyrics to allow the melody to stand out. She suggests writing contrasting sections and adjusting the musical ‘container’ to match the character’s nuances.
  3. Melody Construction: Developing melodic hooks, focusing on phrasing and content, and practicing rhythmic repetition in verse sections to create emotion and unpredictability.

Additionally, Stolpe advises listening to songs by other writers and artists to assess the use of these tools and suggests reaching out to independent artists to build connections.

She reminds songwriters that songwriting is an art, not a science, and encourages them to understand and lean into their unique artistic traits.

Source: Writing Tools for Lyric-Leaning Artists and Songwriters — Andrea Stolpe

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