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In the article “33 Ways to Make More Time in Your Life For Music-Making, Nicholas T offers a comprehensive guide aimed at musicians seeking to optimize their schedules for enhanced creativity and productivity. The article begins with the fundamental advice of disconnecting from digital distractions and banishing television, highlighting the significant amount of time these activities can consume. It suggests practical steps such as setting timers for focused practice sessions, controlling the urge to noodle on instruments, and shutting off cell phones to minimize distractions.

The piece emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals before practice, taking breaks to maintain focus, and integrating music-making into daily routines. It also touches on the psychological aspects of music practice, such as rewarding oneself, setting short-term goals, and maintaining a positive mindset towards practice sessions. The article advocates for creating a conducive environment for music-making by making instruments and music materials easily accessible and suggests engaging with inspiring music and fellow musicians to foster a creative and productive atmosphere.

Nicholas T also recommends practical strategies like using a points system to gamify practice, leveraging reverse psychology to overcome resistance, and integrating tiny practice windows into existing schedules. The guide concludes with a reminder that music is a long-term endeavor and encourages musicians to be patient and kind to themselves, gradually increasing practice amounts as their attention span and skills develop.

This guide is a treasure trove of advice for musicians at any level, offering actionable tips to carve out more time for music-making amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. It underscores the importance of discipline, planning, and a positive attitude in nurturing musical talent and creativity.

Source: 33 Ways to Make More Time in Your Life For Music-Making – The Lyric Writer’s Workroom

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