5 minor chord progressions that bring a darker edge to your songs

As a songwriter, possessing a solid understanding of the fundamental elements of music is crucial. Among these elements, chord progressions play a pivotal role

The article from the Native Instruments Blog, titled “5 minor chord progressions that bring a darker side to your songwriting,” provides an in-depth exploration of minor chord progressions and their use in songwriting. Here’s a summary:

  1. Understanding Minor Chord Progressions: The article emphasizes the importance of chord progressions in music composition, particularly for songwriters. It explains that while major chord progressions bring a light and happy feeling to music, minor chord progressions can infuse songs with a more introspective and somber quality.
  2. Construction of Minor Chord Progressions: The article details how minor chord progressions are constructed, using the A minor scale as an example. It explains the concept of triads and how they are formed from the scale, providing a comprehensive list of chords derived from the A natural minor, A melodic minor, and A harmonic minor scales.
  3. Examples of Minor Chord Progressions: The article lists five common minor chord progressions, providing examples in the key of A minor. These include:
    • i-VI-III-VII: A minor – F major – C major – G major
    • i-VII-VI-iv: A minor – G major – F major – D minor
    • VI-VII-i: F major – G major – A minor
    • i-III-IV: A minor – C major – D major
    • i-VI: A minor – F major
  4. Application in Songwriting: Each progression is accompanied by examples of songs where they can be heard, illustrating their emotional impact and versatility across different genres. The article encourages songwriters to experiment with these progressions, keys, melodies, and transitions to create unique compositions.
  5. Resources for Composers: The article concludes by encouraging readers to download Komplete Start, a free bundle of instruments and effects, to experiment with these minor chord progressions in their own compositions.

This article is a valuable resource for songwriters looking to deepen their understanding of minor chord progressions and how to effectively use them in their music to evoke a range of emotions and atmospheres.

Source: 5 minor chord progressions that bring a darker side to your songwriting | Native Instruments Blog

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