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If you are a lyricist, or if you also write melody but you think your strength is more lyric, this is for you. And if you’re a melody writer who works with some lyricists, this is for you so you can play camp counsellor to your lyricist friends

The blog article from Disc Makers, titled “Things every lyricist should know,” offers valuable insights and advice for lyricists in the music industry. Here’s a summary of the seven key points discussed in the article:

  1. You are a Specialist: Emphasize that as a lyricist, you possess a valuable skill set. Confidence in your abilities is crucial, as good lyrics are important in songwriting.
  2. Carefully Choose Co-Writers: Since lyrics are only half of a song, it’s important to collaborate with co-writers who can complement your work with quality melodies.
  3. Bring Ideas That Highlight Co-Writers’ Strengths: Tailor your ideas to the strengths of your co-writers, allowing them to excel in their areas of expertise.
  4. Respect the Melody: Understand and appreciate the importance of melody in songwriting. A balance between lyrics and melody is essential for a song’s success.
  5. Come Prepared with Multiple Ideas: Show up to writing sessions with various ideas, as seasoned professionals expect contributions from lyricists.
  6. Flexibility with Ideas: Be open to working on ideas other than your own. The collaborative process may lead to working on a co-writer’s idea that could be more compelling.
  7. Mutual Respect with Melody Writers: Recognize that melody writers might be as intrigued by your lyric-writing ability as you are by their melody-creating skills. Collaboration is key.

The article emphasizes the importance of mindset, collaboration, and respect for both lyrics and melody in songwriting.

It’s a valuable resource for lyricists looking to enhance their craft and understand the dynamics of successful songwriting collaborations.

Source: Things Every Lyricist Should Know | Disc Makers Blog

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