7 Things Every Lyricist Should Know

In “Seven Things Every Lyricist Should Know,” award-winning hit songwriter Brent Baxter explains that “Realising these points has really helped me in my songwriting career to get my head right and keep it right.

If you are a lyricist, or if you also write melody but you think your strength is more lyric, this is for you.

Brilliant article for every lyricist out there. Read it 🙂

Source: Things Every Lyricist Should Know | Disc Makers Blog

Melody Hacks For Lyricist Songwriters

I have been primarily a lyricist for almost 25 years. To survive that long in the music business, I have had to stretch my boundaries to come up with ways to evolve my lyric writing along with changing music landscapes.

Over those years, I’ve developed what I like to think of as melody hacks for lyricist songwriters.

Along the way, I’ve picked up some tricks that help me stay current and relevant in whatever genre I’m writing.

Even if you are an accomplished melody writer AND lyricist, I think you may find these tips and tricks helpful in your songwriting.

Source: Melody Hacks For Lyricist Songwriters – SongTown