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So, start writing your Christmas songs now. Then you can use the next few months to rewrite, polish, and record your shiny-bright seasonal hits. (For you folks Down Under… you can either write about surf and sand and Santa in December, or immerse yourself in classic holiday movies to get in the mood.)

The article from My Song Coach, titled “A Holiday Songwriting Tool Kit,” offers valuable insights and practical tips for songwriters looking to create memorable holiday songs.

Authored by Robin Frederick, it emphasizes the unique longevity and appeal of holiday songs in the music industry, highlighting their importance in various media such as movies, TV shows, and artist albums.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Start Early and Immerse Yourself: The article suggests beginning the songwriting process well before the holiday season to allow time for rewriting and polishing. It encourages songwriters to immerse themselves in the holiday spirit, observing and absorbing the sights, sounds, and emotions of the season.
  2. Finding Inspiration and Sticking to Your Genre: Inspiration can come from various sources, such as childhood memories, holiday traditions, or even scenes from holiday movies. The article advises sticking to a genre you are comfortable with, whether it’s Indie Folk, Rock, or Electro Pop, and not feeling constrained to traditional holiday styles.
  3. Lyric and Melody Crafting: The importance of using vivid, fresh images and engaging all senses in the lyrics is highlighted. For melodies, the article suggests creating something memorable and catchy, with plenty of melodic motion and rhythmic interest.
  4. Diverse Opportunities for Holiday Songs: The article explores various avenues for holiday songs, including independent artist releases, pitches to music publishers and videographers, and opportunities in film and TV. It also encourages exploring holidays beyond Christmas for songwriting inspiration.
  5. Recording Tips: When recording holiday songs, the article emphasizes the importance of authentic and emotional vocal performances, suggesting speaking the lines with emotion before recording. It also advises against using synthetic sounds, recommending more authentic instrumental tracks.

Reflections for Songwriters:

  • How can you incorporate your personal holiday experiences or observations into your songwriting to create a unique and relatable holiday song?
  • In what ways can you experiment with different genres or styles within your holiday songwriting to stand out in the industry?
  • Considering the various avenues for holiday songs, how can you strategically plan your songwriting and pitching process to maximize opportunities?

This article serves as a comprehensive guide for songwriters aiming to craft holiday songs that resonate with audiences and stand the test of time.

Source: A Holiday Songwriting Tool Kit – MY SONG COACH

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