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Topics to Write About — 15 Tips to Get Great Writing Ideas

As writers, we suffer from a split personality. On one side is the Creator who wants to splash wild ideas all over the page and falls in love with every sentence, and on the other side is the Editor who sits there with pursed lips and ticks off the mistakes.

It’s really important to keep these two apart!

The article “Topics to Write About — 15 Tips to Get Great Writing Ideas” from Write to Done offers insightful advice for overcoming writer’s block and finding inspiration for writing. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Embrace Your Writer Identity: Affirm yourself as a writer, regardless of your perceived skill level. This mindset can unlock creativity and boost confidence.
  2. Practice Fun Writing: Allocate time for writing without pressure or specific goals. This can help in nurturing your creativity.
  3. Find Inspiration Everywhere: Use everyday experiences as fodder for writing ideas. Everything around you can spark creative thoughts.
  4. Use an ‘Everything Book’: Keep a notebook to jot down random ideas, quotes, and inspirations. This can be a treasure trove for future writing.
  5. Develop a Swipe File: Collect interesting pieces of writing you come across. This can serve as inspiration and a resource for your own writing.
  6. Meditate to Prepare Your Mind: Meditation can help in clearing your mind, leading to the emergence of fresh ideas.
  7. Brainstorm Titles: Starting with a title can guide and focus your writing process.
  8. Outline Your Piece: Structuring your writing beforehand can make the process more efficient and organized.
  9. Write Endings and Beginnings Last: Starting with the body of the work can be less daunting than beginning with the introduction or conclusion.
  10. Invite Your Inner Editor: After drafting, let your critical side refine and polish your work.

The article also emphasizes the importance of checking if your piece delivers on its title, balancing segment lengths, editing each sentence, checking grammar and spelling, and reading your piece out loud as final steps in the writing process.

This comprehensive guide provides practical tips for both unleashing creativity and refining the writing, making it a valuable resource for writers facing the challenge of writer’s block or seeking new ideas.

Even though this article seems skewed towards authors, we songwriters can certainly a thing or two from this.

Source: Topics to Write About — 15 Tips to Get Great Writing Ideas

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