How to Avoid Clichés in Writing Christmas Songs

Avoiding clichés in writing Christmas songs can be a challenge, as many of the traditional themes and imagery associated with the holiday have been used countless times before. However, with some effort and creativity, it is possible to create a fresh and original Christmas song that avoids the most common clichés.

The blog post from Songwriting.net, authored by Scott Ashley, offers insightful tips on how to avoid clichés when writing Christmas songs. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Seek Unique Perspectives: Instead of rehashing common themes, the article suggests looking for fresh perspectives on the holiday season. This could involve drawing from personal experiences, exploring how different cultures celebrate, or considering unique aspects of the season.
  2. Fresh Language Usage: To avoid predictability, the post advises using original language and imagery in lyrics. This means steering clear of overused phrases and creating unique imagery that isn’t typically associated with Christmas songs.
  3. Experiment with Musical Styles: The article encourages breaking away from traditional Christmas music styles. Exploring genres like Rock, Pop, Jazz, or Hip-Hop can bring a fresh sound to your Christmas song.
  4. Focus on Emotions and Feelings: Rather than solely relying on holiday imagery, the post suggests writing about the emotions and feelings of the season, such as joy, magic, hope, and optimism. Personal stories related to Christmas can add an interesting touch.
  5. Avoid Obvious Rhymes: To make lyrics stand out, the article recommends using complex and unexpected rhymes instead of common, predictable ones.

The post emphasizes the importance of staying true to your own voice and style, taking risks, and infusing your unique style into every aspect of your songwriting.

Source: How to Avoid Clichés in Writing Christmas Songs

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