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Songwriting Glossary – Song Chops

A songwriter glossary of common terms you’ll be using as you learn how to write songs can be extremely helpful. And, knowing what specific songwriting terms mean will help you grow as you get feedback on your songs. The article from SongChops serves as a comprehensive glossary for songwriters, detailing common terms used in songwriting. […]

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Love Song Writing: 20 Songwriters Go Straight To The Heart

Discover the diverse ways songwriters express love, from intimate reflections to universal declarations, in this insightful exploration of love songs The article from Songwriting Magazine delves into the nuanced art of crafting love songs, offering a rich tapestry of insights, tips, and personal anecdotes from seasoned songwriters. It underscores the timeless allure of love as […]

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The 5 Best Ways To Start A Song According To Andrew Huang

The video below titled “The 5 best ways to start a song” by Andrew Huang offers a comprehensive guide on various techniques to kickstart the songwriting process. Andrew Huang, a versatile musician known for his creative approach to music production, shares his insights and methods to inspire songwriters and producers. Here’s a detailed summary of […]


Essential Tools for Lyric-Leaning Artists and Songwriters

All songs, and musical genres, are not created equal. This is to say that the same qualities and characteristics we value about one song style won’t necessarily match those of another. In the article “Essential Tools for Lyric-Leaning Artists and Songwriters” by Andrea Stolpe, the focus is on the nuanced differences and similarities across musical […]


This Valentine’s Day: 5 Ways to Write Songs About Love

Bill – What are you up to today, Bob? Bob – Oh, just trying to find another rhyme for love. In the realm of songwriting, love remains a timeless theme, yet capturing its essence in fresh, compelling ways poses a perennial challenge. Marty Dodson of Songtown delves into this conundrum, offering insights and strategies for […]


How to Write Songs When you Don’t Feel Inspired | The Essential Secrets of Songwriting

The whole notion of songwriting without being inspired to write — it begs the question, “Why”? Why write if you’re not particularly inspired to do so? The article from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” titled “How to Write Songs When you Don’t Feel Inspired” delves into the challenging scenario of songwriting without the spark of […]


33 Ways to Make More Time in Your Life For Music-Making – The Lyric Writer’s Workroom

In the article “33 Ways to Make More Time in Your Life For Music-Making,“ Nicholas T offers a comprehensive guide aimed at musicians seeking to optimize their schedules for enhanced creativity and productivity. The article begins with the fundamental advice of disconnecting from digital distractions and banishing television, highlighting the significant amount of time these […]

Writer’s Block

10 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block – A Writer’s Path

For us (song) writers, few things are more frustrating than to finally sit down at our desks after taking care of real life chores only to be struck dumb by the blank page or the white screen. We songwriters can certainly learn a lot from other writer types such as authors and poets and in […]

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4 Exercises for Writing Unique and Creative Lyrics – How To Write Songs

Many songwriters find themselves in a rut when it comes to lyric writing. Often, the issue is that the lyrics they write don’t match up with the lyrics they admire. This might be because they perceive their lyrics as boring, overly literal or too stale. To help combat this issue, we’ll be going through 4 […]


Music publishing: What songwriters need to know – ReverbNation Blog

If you create original music, it’s always helpful to understand your rights and revenue sources. The guide below will provide a high-level view of music publishing, and spotlight the most relevant points for songwriters. The blog article from ReverbNation, authored by Chris Robley, delves into the intricacies of music publishing, a crucial aspect for any […]