January 2024

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Crafting Confidence: A Songwriter’s Guide to Beating Self-Doubt

The main thing that destroys the creativity in any songwriter is their own self doubt. We all have it and we all deal with it in our own individual way. I find it strange that the things we take for granted were initially invented or created by individuals who were confident, courageous and passionately determined […]


Don’t Think Genre, Think Personality — Andrea Stolpe

I remember a simpler time, when it was easy to identify the genre of the song streaming through my iPod. When a friend said they liked pop, I knew that meant Madonna and Michael Jackson. Classic rock meant Steve Miller Band or the Cars. In my small world, taste was polarized and listeners less likely […]

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“We wrote it in about five minutes”: Interrogating the myth of the quickly-written hit song | MusicRadar

Claims that masterpieces have been written in minutes abound, and many (upon further inspection) are revealed to be not as cut and dried as their writers claim. The article from MusicRadar, titled “We wrote it in about five minutes”: Interrogating the myth of the quickly-written hit song, authored by Andy Price, delves into the popular […]

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The Roles Of Different Song Sections (Plus Examples)

I found the perfect accompanying article for my recent 6-Part Series On Song Formatting that I wanted to share with you all. It was written by Benjamin Samama (a former teacher from the Berklee College of Music) for the very popular SonicBids blog and the article is called “Songwriting 101: What’s The Purpose Of All The Different Song Sections?” I found this article […]


13 Myths About Music Theory – The Hooktheory Blog

If you’ve heard that music theory is only for geniuses or that it stifles creativity, you’re not alone. These myths can be off-putting and discourage many songwriters and producers from diving deeper into music theory. It’s time to set the record straight. The article from Hooktheory’s blog, titled “Music Theory Myths,” addresses common misconceptions about […]


Increase Your Sync Licensing Opportunities | BMI.com

Sync licensing is the great equalizer. If your music fits the scene, it doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, or how you look. It’s all about the music. The article “Increase Your Sync Licensing” by Jason Blume on BMI.com provides valuable insights for songwriters looking to enhance their opportunities in sync licensing, […]

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10 Ways Of Discovering Inspiring Titles For Your Songs

As songwriters, we often find ourselves in search of that perfect phrase, that one line that not only encapsulates the essence of our songs but also resonates with the listener, beckoning them into the narrative we’ve woven.  Finding inspiration for song titles can sometimes feel like a quest for hidden treasure — elusive, yet immensely […]