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Master the Art of Songwriting in Chunks: Unlock Your Creative Potential – Speed Songwriting

Enter the concept of songwriting in chunks, a revolutionary approach that breaks down the intimidating process into bite-sized, creative pieces. This technique isn’t just a method. It’s a journey toward unlocking your untapped creative potential. The article from Speed Songwriting, titled “Master the Art of Songwriting in Chunks: Unlock Your Creative Potential,” offers a comprehensive […]


SMARTER Songwriting Goals For Songwriters

If you want to improve in any area, whether professionally or personally, goal setting is vital. Goals serve as maps to guide us to our destination, and without them there’s no way to know if we’re even headed in the right direction. The blog article titled “SMARTER Goals For Songwriters” on Indie on the Move, […]

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30 Ways To Overcome (Song) Writers Block

If you know where to look there’s literally tons of great songwriting tips, songwriting articles and general songwriting advice online. One such example of this comes in the form of an article I found recently titled 30 Songwriting Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block by Sam Wilson from The Pro Audio Files website. As the title suggests, the article lists 30 ways […]


How to Avoid Clichés in Writing Christmas Songs

Avoiding clichés in writing Christmas songs can be a challenge, as many of the traditional themes and imagery associated with the holiday have been used countless times before. However, with some effort and creativity, it is possible to create a fresh and original Christmas song that avoids the most common clichés. The blog post from […]

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Topics to Write About — 15 Tips to Get Great Writing Ideas

As writers, we suffer from a split personality. On one side is the Creator who wants to splash wild ideas all over the page and falls in love with every sentence, and on the other side is the Editor who sits there with pursed lips and ticks off the mistakes. It’s really important to keep […]


A Holiday Songwriting Tool Kit – MY SONG COACH

So, start writing your Christmas songs now. Then you can use the next few months to rewrite, polish, and record your shiny-bright seasonal hits. (For you folks Down Under… you can either write about surf and sand and Santa in December, or immerse yourself in classic holiday movies to get in the mood.) The article […]


8 Great Tips To Write Better Lyrics In Your Songs

Have you ever felt stuck writing lyrics for your songs and just don’t know how to move on? Sometimes going out for a breath of fresh air can help you clear your mind. Maybe you are looking for a shortcut, a solution or a clue. The article “8 great tips to write better lyrics in […]


5 minor chord progressions that bring a darker edge to your songs

As a songwriter, possessing a solid understanding of the fundamental elements of music is crucial. Among these elements, chord progressions play a pivotal role The article from the Native Instruments Blog, titled “5 minor chord progressions that bring a darker side to your songwriting,” provides an in-depth exploration of minor chord progressions and their use […]


7 Things Every Lyricist Should Know | Disc Makers Blog

If you are a lyricist, or if you also write melody but you think your strength is more lyric, this is for you. And if you’re a melody writer who works with some lyricists, this is for you so you can play camp counsellor to your lyricist friends The blog article from Disc Makers, titled […]


The Top Songwriting Tips From 2023 According To The Weekly |

Below are excerpts from some of my articles that have garnered the strongest feedback in the past year. To read the articles in their entirety click on the links. The article “Top Songwriting Tips from 2023” from, authored by Jason Blume, offers valuable insights and advice for songwriters. Here’s a summary of the key […]